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ARE You an entrepreneur Looking to FUND your business?

But not sure


  • If you're ready

  • Which business model works

  • If your go-to-market strategy is sound

  • How much to raise at which valuation

  • If your team is complete

  • Whether you stand out from the competition

  • Where to find the right investors 

  • How to manage the deal room

  • How many details to put into the financial forecast

  • If your brand is strong enough

  • Which type of funding might work for your business

You came to the right place!

Anne Cocquyt - Headshot

"Nothing gives me more joy than seeing founders have breakthroughs, get their first paying customers, raise funding, and build their dream company while enjoying the journey"

Hi I'm Anne Cocquyt


I help entrepreneurs and seed stage and Series A stage raise their next round. 


I combine Silicon Valley startup advice with my hands-on expertise having built, acquired, and sold my own startups.

I helped hundreds of founders in my corporate innovation and entrepreneurship career unlock their potential and scale their businesses.


I join as an advisor and lend my network or I come in as a fractional COO and roll up my sleeves. In many cases, we discover that you need more than a pitch deck and I help introduce you to startup geniuses in my network to help with branding, hiring, marketing, or sales.

I wrote the book DARE TO LAUNCH and founded the GUILD Academy, a unique entrepreneurship program that helps first-time entrepreneurs launch their businesses. I teach at UC Berkeley and mentor at various accelerators.

WHat do you need?

Take me by the hand and show me what I need to do next to fund my company

I want to learn and take an online course to know what I don't know

I'm a self-starter, just give me a guide and inspiring case studies I can relate to

1:1 Startup Advice

Check my Services
8-MODULE program to launch and take action


Step-By-Step guide to LAUNCH

Get my


  • Fundraising Readiness Assessment
  • ​Pitch Deck
  • Financial Forecast
  • Pitch coaching
  • ​team evaluation
  • ​Business model review
  • Competitor Review
  • Deal Terms
  • Investor Pipeline
  • Deal room Mgmt
  • Investor outreach


email me to receive case studies from successful clients

Dare To Launch:

A Bible For Women Entrepreneurs Starting Businesses

"Dare to Launch is a must-read for entrepreneurs of all ages, industries and backgrounds. It provides time-tested, easy-to-implement guidance from one of the leading educators in entrepreneurship today."

- Denise Brosseau, CEO, Thought Leadership Lab

"Everything you need to launch and fund your business”

- Nicole Quinn, General Partner at Lightspeed Venture Partners

"Anne is your friend, your advisor, and she’ll kick your butt on your entrepreneurial journey.”

- Maaike Doyer, investor & founder Epic Angels


“Thanks to the awesome panel and Anne's outstanding facilitation!”

"Thank you so much for the interesting hour! Very insightful and powerful"

"What a great and inspiring presentation just now at Hilton, SF! Makes me want to be an Angel investor now :-)"

"You were a guest lecture during our entrepreneurship module in the USA for St Gallen University. My colleague and I were very inspired by the topic and decided to write our master thesis with the topic Challenges Women Entrepreneurs Face during Early Funding Stages and Strategies to Overcome Them."


Anne Cocquyt is a serial entrepreneur with a great passion for new ideas and helping people achieve their career goals and launch their dream businesses. Anne used to work for Fortune 500 companies in senior roles in innovation, oversaw international multi-million dollar projects in IT and switched multiple times in her career between corporate roles and entrepreneurial endeavors, small businesses and non-profit organizations. She mentored rapid prototyping classes at the University of San Francisco, business model innovation at California College of the Arts, startups at Singularity University and is a lead mentor at the German Accelerator and Founder Institute, she's on the advisory board of digital health startups, a fund and a change maker community. Anne also invested in a small product startup and sold the company. She invests in consumer product startups, social enterprises and clean tech. She is the founder of the GUILD, the global AI-powered networking platform for innovators and entrepreneurs.

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HEAR FROM others

— Anja Skodda

Founder/CEO HappyBond

Anne mentored me through the German Accelerator as my lead mentor. She is not only a fantastic business mentor, but also a wonderful person! She is passionate and always ready to help. The GUILD Academy helped me with their easy-to-use 1-year projection model and it became my go-to tool in my business. 

Anne shared her network and made amazing intros. I am extremely grateful to have gotten the chance to work with her and are glad to count her as a friend after those three months. 


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