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Join an immersive offsite workshop series lead by innovators from Silicon Valley to build your innovation strategy through partnerships with ecosystem players and grow a thriving Innovation Ecosystem.

The number of strategic innovation alliances is growing at 15% annually. These partnerships can have significant advantages in helping companies to:


  • Increase the speed of innovation and new product or service development

  • Accelerate growth

  • Access new capabilities

  • Access high quality talent

Anne Cocquyt, serial entrepreneur and corporate innovator, and Sofia Chancey, strategy expert, will immerse participants in real life examples and aggregate information for understanding the role of external ecosystem players, how they can be engaged effectively to support the company’s innovation agenda, critically evaluating and refining engagement mechanisms, and building an actionable roadmap. The workshops utilize design thinking and human-centered design principles.

Learnings and Co-Creation


  • Self-evaluate your company’s innovation agenda and clearly define the motivators for developing the innovation ecosystem


  • Gain insight into the inner workings and roles of external innovation partners


  • Create, critically evaluate and prioritize the strategy and engagement mechanisms with accelerators, VCs, angels groups, startups, universities and thought leaders.


  • Build an ecosystem map: Leave the workshop with a map of the ideal innovation ecosystem your company is going to engage with including partner selection criteria, and engagement mechanisms.


  • Follow through with actionable next steps and assigned accountabilities. Measure progress and iterate.

Ideal for up to 25 senior leadership-level participants and innovation ambassadors of Fortune 5000 companies



Utilize design thinking exercises to explore the why: why your company is seeking Innovation, what are the motivators, the importance of innovation, and how you feel about the future. Case studies of successful and unsuccessful innovation alliances will be presented and discussed. (4hrs)



Continue utilizing design thinking exercises to define how the company will engage the innovation ecosystem and build out the ecosystem map, which will be available as a hand-drawn poster take away. Agree on next steps and KPIs to build out the ecosystem. (4hrs)



Bring the executives back together to review progress, discuss any blockers and pivot / refine the map as necessary. (2hrs)

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Hosted by unaffiliated facilitators:


Anne Cocquyt, is a serial entrepreneur and corporate innovator. Anne has multi-national experience in senior roles in Fortune 500 companies in tech, IT, telecommunication, banking, consumer electronics and healthcare. She launched and sold startups and lead non-profit organizations. As part of the Genentech innovation team, Anne ran the first global startup competition and partnered with innovation ecosystem players across the world. She pioneered new innovation approval processes and partnered with Google, Twitter, Facebook, Intuit, PayPal, LinkedIn, Adobe, Autodesk to gain deep insights into their product teams, innovation efforts and diverse hiring practices. Anne mentors and advises accelerators, startups, angel groups and universities. Anne founded the first AI-driven community engagement platform to help communities activate their members. 



Sofia Chaney is dynamic leader with over 22 years of success in a diverse set of leadership roles. Sofia has collaborated with and delivered programs for national and international clients in industries including Healthcare, Life Sciences, Public Service, and Communications & High Tech in the US and Australia.

She is a people-focused catalyst and change agent whose strategic initiatives are designed to optimize a company’s market position while maintaining core values and inclusive organization culture. Sofia is a results-oriented problem-solver with a passion for innovation, optimization, and organizational change. Sofia advises small business and start-ups on go to market strategies and growth.

Sofia has served on the board of HISA (Health

Informatics Society of Australia) and is currently serving as a board member.

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