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In today's market more than ever, we understand how important it is to find the best people. Imagine, the very best candidates - men, women, people with diverse backgrounds - start filling your candidate pool, they are motivated and empowered to go above and beyond in their roles and they stay at your company to grow with you.


Join this immersive workshop and compare industry best practices with your own and get the tools to define your next steps in becoming the company everybody dies to work for. Embark on a journey with your team of hiring managers and leaders to design processes, policies, and values to hire, retain and promote diverse talent.

JOIN THIS 2HR hands-on WORKSHOP to design an actionable roadmap to attract, retain and promote The best talent at your startup



  • Benchmark Report

  • Best Practice Guide based on your results

  • Templates (e.g. career ladders, parental leave policies, benefit guides)

  • Roadmap for hiring best practices, training, building a sense of belonging, promotions, policies, benefits and communication guidelines.

Diversity Workshop



  • Prep: Benchmark Study (45 min) pre-workshop zoom call



  • Welcome and Company Benchmark Results (15min)

  • Tailored Presentations of Best Practice Research (15min)

  • Workshop - Design Thinking Group Exercise. Areas: Hiring, Training, Community, Promoting, Communication, Benefits (60 min)

  • Read Out and Prioritization (30min)

Best practice guides are based on personalized benchmark report and industry leading research from McKinsey, Adecco, Deloitte, and Accenture.

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Hire Diverse Talent - Diversity Measure

Ideal for up to 10-20 participants AT C-LEVEL, HR AND HIRING MANAGERS

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Hosted by


Anne Cocquyt, is a serial entrepreneur, diversity advocate and author of the advocacy studies "The State of Women in Product" and "2019 Diversity Benchmark Report for Tech Startups".


Anne experienced male dominated workplaces and all-women teams in her own career in Europe and the US as a strategy consultant, manager, founder and CEO. She implemented career ladders and retrained managers for a telecommunication giant in UK,


In her former role as Executive Director of Women In Product, she pioneered a study to evaluate the state of women in product management roles which she presented at the WEF events in January 2019. In this capacity she supported the biggest tech companies including Google, Facebook, PayPal, Intuit, LinkedIn, Twitter, Uber, Autodesk, Adobe and many more with initiatives to hire female talent.


Anne is now the founder of the GUILD, the first AI-driven professional match-making platform for communities and employers. She most recently kicked off a benchmark study with tech startups in the Bay Area < 500 employees to identify best practices, policies and processes to successfully attract, retain and promote female talent at tech startups with limited D&I budget.

Anne holds an MBA from Eberhard-Karls University in Statistics, Computer Science and Human Resources.

She mentors startups at the German American Accelerator, Singularity University, and design thinking students at University of San Francisco. Anne advises a health benefit startup, a corporate innovation think tank and a STEM media company which changes the image of women in STEM in the media.


This 2 hr workshop is ideal for leadership teams, hiring managers and Human Resource teams of tech startups with less than 500 employees. You already know that hiring the best talent also means hiring diverse talent. You either have diversity initiatives under way and want to dig deeper or you are new to diversity - both groups will gain relevant insights and get actionable results from this workshop.


In the 45 min benchmark study, we cover:



We compare best practices, policies and benefits across more than 20 tech startups in this first study to provide a baseline and best practice guide for your company.

Receive a complimentary Benchmark report as part of this workshop.

The interview with a HR professional in your company or CEO takes 45mi.

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(c) 2019 Anne Cocquyt

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