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Join an immersive offsite workshop lead by the founder of the first AI-powered networking platform. Learn business development tactics specific to Silicon Valley and create a plan how you will build an effective network and forge successful partnerships.

Effective networks are increasingly important for companies, startup founders, innovation ecosystem players and investors to launch, build and grow businesses in the US. 


In this workshop you will:

  • Learn about Silicon Valley specific networking tactics


  • Discuss cultural differences 

  • Create a networking roadmap

  • Set partnership goals


Learnings and Co-Creation

  • Learn from a partnership expert and how they built their network from scratch.

  • Self-evaluate strategic partnerships, your networking skills and clearly define the purpose and value of the partnerships you want to build.

  • Compare best networking and business development tactics that resulted in lasting connections and successful partnerships.

  • Critically evaluate and prioritize the strategy and engagement mechanisms of your current and future network.

  • Practice the 70-20-10 rule of engagement.

  • Follow through with actionable next steps and accountabilities.

Anne Cocquyt, serial entrepreneur and corporate innovator, will immerse participants in real life examples and aggregate information for understanding the role of building partnerships in Silicon Valley, how you create networking goals and follow through.


The workshops utilize design thinking and human-centered design principles.

Ideal for up to 25-50 participants in leadership, business development and innovation teams in small and large companies





  • Welcome & Networking (10 min)

  • From Europe to SF - The story of an entrepreneur coming to San Francisco to build one of the largest networks and dozens of partnerships (20 min)​


  • Silicon Valley Networking Tactics (20 min)


  • Workshop - Build Your Partnership Roadmap (90 min)

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Hosted by



Anne Cocquyt, originally from Stuttgart, is a serial entrepreneur and super connector in San Francisco and Silicon Valley. After building partnerships for Genentech’s innovation team, she founded her own startups, and serves as an advisor to tech startups, angel investors, and corporate innovators.


She built over two dozen partnerships in her role as Executive Director of Women In Product with companies like Google, Facebook, PayPal, Intuit, LinkedIn, Walmart Labs, Twitter, Asana, Adobe, various organizations like Products That Count, TheBoardlist and with many startups and VC firms.


She advised and judged Stanford's StartX acceleration program, RockHealth, Startup Health, French startup hubs, angel groups and mentors at the German American Accelerator, Singularity University, and University of San Francisco.

Anne advises a cancer care coordination startup, a change catalyst think tank and a STEM media company.

She launched and raised funding for startups in a wide variety of industries from art to consumer products and technology and exited a startup in 2015. She is the founder of the GUILD, the first AI-driven community engagement platform to help communities activate their members.


This 2 hr workshop is ideal for anybody interested in building more effective networks and partnerships in Silicon Valley, activating their existing networks and who want to exchange ideas whether it be with introverts or extroverts about the art of purpose-driven partnerships.

This workshop is for you if ...

  • You know you need to build partnerships in order to be successful

  • You understand that innovation and progress happens when you have connections and formal and informal partnerships with key opinion leaders

  • You want to tap the power of your already existing network but you are not sure how to activate them

  • You are an introvert

  • You are an extrovert

  • You are interested in learning the tactics of prioritizing and engaging partners 

  • You want to walk away with a tangible plan to achieve success and a roadmap to execute on

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(c) 2019 Anne Cocquyt

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