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The GUILD Show

Anne Cocquyt interviews the founders and investors in the GUILD about their startup journey and how they launched their businesses.

The interviews are short 20 min segments with topics from co-founder search to equity crowdfunding and finding the right funding option.





Anne offers a variety of entrepreneurship masterclasses for innovators and early-stage entrepreneurs following the key lessons in her book "Dare To Launch | mini-MBA for first-time entrepreneurs" (est.publishing date Mar 2022)

  • Dare To Launch - Innovation Keynote & Workshop

  • Fundraising Bootcamp - Secrets from Silicon Valley

  • Five Steps To Start Angel Investing

  • The $500k Pitch Deck (2021)

  • Monetizing Your Side Hustle

  • Build Your Go-To-Market Plan for CPG Companies Entering the US Market

  • FemTech - Succeeding in an Underserved Market



Anne unlocks the strategy and potential of innovation partnerships and introduces her audience to Silicon Valley style networking. 


As an advocate for gender diversity, Anne shares the latest results of Diversity studies her companies authored and unlocks the collective power of your employees to build a more inclusive workplace.



Anne organizes innovation visits for entrepreneurs, investors and corporate innovation teams from Europe and Asia and gives you a chance to look behind the scenes of Silicon Valley.

Anne shares the latest technology, health and investment trends as well as her journey as a corporate innovator turned entrepreneur.

  • Dare To Launch - Flex Your Innovation Mindset

  • From Intrapreneur to Entrepreneur

  • Innovation Trends That Will Transform Your Business

  • Community Building in the Digital Age

  • Potential and Threats of US Market Expansion


Anne moderates panels with technologists, investors and founders in Entrepreneurship, Digital Health and AI.

As a moderator, she preps the panelists and isn't afraid to have hard and fun conversations. Get a sense for her interviewing style at the GUILD Show.

With a network of thousands of entrepreneurs and investors, Anne helps find speakers and brings women to the stage.


" Anne is the consummate mentor for anyone who aspires to enter the entrepreneurial space. Her knowledge of the industry is impeccable, and more importantly, her authenticity strikes me the most. She truly cares about the participants at her talks and delivers to her mission to connect entrepreneurs with people who could move their idea forward.” 

Vivian Faustino-Pulliam

Faculty and Program Lead, City College of San Francisco

Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

"Thanks so much for being a guest lecturer in my NYC Small Business Services Kauffman FastTrac class. You are such an engaging, warm, and friendly presenter. You took dry topics like "dare to organize" and productivity tools and made them exciting. At the end of the class, participants mentioned that this was the greatest takeaway from the class.” 

Geri Stengel

President Ventureneer

Financial Planning For Entrepreneurs

How to create a financial plan so you know how much will be in your business bank account in 12 months.

Financial Planning Template:

The $500k Pitch Deck

In this interactive webinar, you will learn how to "Build the Pitch Deck that helped Founders raise an avg. $500k pre-seed round in 2020”.


The data is based on DocSend's latest report and the insights we gained within the GUILD ( and our founder funder programs.

Startup Advice From The GUILD Academy 

Anne interviewed over 150 startup founders, investors, and entrepreneurs for the GUILD Academy and at GUILD events.

Here is a summary of the advice of 10 selected thought leaders.

GUILD Academy:

Interview with CEO Saundra Pelletier

"Either you are a victim, a flat-liner or a deliberate creator ... every day I get up and remind myself ... 'I owe it to the women I am creating access for to be a deliberate creator' ... I literally talk to myself in my head and say 'This is what you signed up for sister.' ... "


Saundra Pelletier, CEO of Efovem Biosciences Inc. at the SERENDIPITY summit in a deep conversation with Anne Cocquyt about "Being CEO".

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